In Exodus 3, Moses has an intimate encounter with God. Mysteriously, miraculously, God appears to him as flames in a burning bush – a sure-fire way to get Moses’ attention! As Moses approaches the fiery shrub with curiosity, God says to him, “Do not come any closer. Take off your sandals, for the place where you are standing is holy ground.”

Holy ground.

Was it the actual ground on which Moses stood that was holy? No. It was the presence of the living God that made it so.

God is in our midst, WMB. Through the ministry of this body of Christ, God shows up on a daily basis, making a difference in people’s lives – here in Kitchener-Waterloo and far beyond. As you read our 2018-19 annual report – a collection of stories telling of His presence and work in many lives – may you find yourself on holy ground, compelled to “take off your sandals” and worship our amazing, living, holy God.

Letters from our Leadership


Terry Shuh,
Leadership Board Chair


Chris Stevens,
Lead Pastor


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An Unshakable Refuge

The Jiménez family’s story


Holy moments in Kids’ Church

Too Good Not to Share

Joan Blackwell’s story

A Family Within a Family

Our flourishing Farsi-speaking community

Young Disciples, Deep Roots

A Jr. High small group’s life-changing year in scripture

Not Finished with You Yet

Tanya Ball’s story

Didn’t See That Coming

The unexpected fruit of prayer ushering

Learn English Meet Jesus

Newcomers encountering Jesus through an ESL Bible study

No Passports Required

Sending homegrown disciples to the mission field in our backyard

From Belonging to Believing

Deborah-Lee McNaul’s story

Partnership on a Whole New Level

This year’s SOAR Montreal mission team represented a new depth of global partnership


Finance Report

God continues to provide abundantly for the ministry He calls us to at WMB Church. We praise Him for His faithfulness, and thank you, our church family, for faithfully and obediently giving of your finances to support the Kingdom work that God is doing in and through this church.

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Annual General Meeting

We look forward to celebrating what God has done and making key decisions for the next season of ministry at our 2018/19 Annual General Meeting.